The UDONation Charitable Foundation within the EEYES project and the ADASTRA FELLOWS think tank, with the support of the Kyiv School of Economics and the Ukrainian-Danish Youth House, present a unique project #THINKSPOT.

Ukrainian youth is constantly looking for new opportunities and knowledge. In this context, it is important to have access to the best lecturers and mentors. But it is often very difficult to attract a popular speaker to a small group of people, let alone communicate in person. That’s why we launched #ThinkSpot.

The goal of the project is to open the curtain on international relations, European politics and the art of diplomacy, as well as international law and its implementation in Ukrainian legislation.

A series of fascinating lectures by leading experts in international relations who will share their knowledge and experience awaits you. We get ideas for the topics from our active members and interns. Our lectures are usually attended by 30-40 people, which allows not only for the assimilation of information, but also for comfortable communication with the speaker.  

We strive to organize the most comfortable conditions for the educational process and networking between lecture participants. The Kyiv School of Economics and the Ukrainian-Danish Youth House are happy to help us with this. They are providing their premises so that we can gain new knowledge, experience and expand our networking.

We are constantly improving, so we plan to record and publish all future lectures so that everyone can watch them, learn something new, and share them with friends and colleagues.

You can already watch the lecture held at the Ukrainian-Danish Youth House on the topic: “US Foreign Policy Strategy to Counter Russian War in Ukraine: Approaches and Implications”. Speaker: Mykola Kapitonenko, PhD in Political Science, Director of the Center for International Relations Studies, Associate Professor at the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv.

We will continue to work to ensure that young people, regardless of their educational institution, have access to the most interesting and well-known opinion leaders, lecturers and scholars. Follow our updates on Telegram and be the first to register for the next event.