Development of Ukrainian-German relations

According to various sources, including Deutsche welle and the Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung, there are currently between 1.5 and 3.5 million Ukrainian refugees in Germany. The number varies, as not everyone has registered as a refugee. In addition, more than 10,000 Ukrainian students are currently studying in different parts of Germany, many of whom are pursuing humanitarian education in the fields of political science, international relations and international law. Based on this, we decided that it is imperative to keep in touch with Ukrainian students abroad, Ukrainians abroad, and Germans themselves in order to spread our rich and wonderful culture

The main question is how to build sustainable communication, exchange of experience, culture, and create powerful networking between Ukrainians in Ukraine, Ukrainians in Germany, and Germans?



We are already preparing to search for young and talented students and professors who would like to join the study of Ukrainian-German international relations. With the participation of our partners, we plan to hold a series of events, including lectures on the history of Ukrainian-German relations, their current state and prospects for development, and teleconferences with Ukrainians in Germany and German youth. It is also planned to involve representatives of Ukrainian NGOs in Germany who will talk about the problems of adaptation and the feeling of connection with the homeland. We also expect the presence of representatives of German municipal and state authorities who will talk about opportunities for the development and strengthening of Ukrainian youth in Germany and possible exchange programs.

If you already have ideas for such events or would like to recommend a lecturer who is well versed in the topic or have any ideas, please


Yes, we are really going to Berlin!

We have already invited guests and are preparing a great presentation of our project. Our team wants to be taken seriously right away, so we have invited youth representatives, leaders of NGOs, both experienced and relatively young, representatives of several foundations, and even municipal deputies to participate. At this event, we will tell about ourselves and our ambitious plans, present 20 planned hub activities that will be gradually introduced, and offer access to our space to anyone who wants to hold their events for free upon prior reservation.

We look forward to hearing the opinions of all participants and taking into account their advice and recommendations to make our hub a comfortable place for a huge variety of events, from lectures to movie screenings.

June 28, 2024
See you soon)


The purpose of the Ukrainian Hub in Berlin is to create a space for Ukrainians abroad of different ages and interests to unite and create conditions for natural networking between them.

The hub is planned to be implemented as an open space concept for its participants with the possibility of holding meetings, speeches, presentations, interviews, public discussions, online broadcasts, coworking, etc.

It is also planned to involve Germans in the hub’s activities to share the rich Ukrainian culture with them, as we are an open, sincere and generous nation.

We expect that the hub will have not only a spacious room with a screen and projector, but also rooms for small groups to work on projects or coworking in a quiet, cozy place where you can meet like-minded people and expand your networking and horizons. The hub will become a safe and comfortable center for Ukrainians to communicate and hold various events. Our team will gladly provide space for events of other organizations, because our strength is in unity.

More to come…

Have any ideas?